Don't use your screwdriver anymore.
In addition to washing and cooking at home, men have to work on various installation repairs. Men are said to have no place in the family, and it turns out so. If you don't do it well enough, the queen may not feed you, or even give you a kneeling washboard to feed her beloved puppy in front of you, making you feel like a dog for a moment.
At this point, we may not have done well enough in other areas, but we must show our strongest side in the furniture renovation. We must not be soft on you for the Queen, and at least get ourselves a little status at home.
To be honest, although it is to repair things, but do not think that it is only to repair a light bulb so simple, if a washing machine, air conditioning Ah, a common screwdriver will not be too good. In particular, when encountering the "dog at home, it is the furniture's first move hand" such a bridge section, I really hope that I have the ability to recover for 1 second ~ the Force is with me! Aaah!

In addition to repair, installation is a problem, if you are a non-technical house that does not use any tools, a well-designed furniture may be installed like this.

Of course, if the ability to do so is really not good, we can only quietly call the installation team to the home. But as a man, you can't always say you can't. Her Majesty will have a problem with that. Since always want to toss, then good whole smooth tool use!

As the saying goes: If you want to do good things, you must first benefit from it. If you want to enjoy your wife, you must have tools. When it comes to power tools, we must pay attention to several aspects when we buy them.
1, not too much noise: most home power tools will produce a certain amount of noise when used, but the use of noise is also high and low. Make sure the noise is within acceptable range before purchasing power tools;
Vibration can not be too strong: it is inevitable that a certain vibration will occur during the operation of electric tools. However, high-quality products will reduce the impact of such effects and improve the comfort type and accuracy of use.

3, good convenience: small and many electric tools have a certain advantage, so that even if the home is large, a piece of furniture is broken, do not have to drag a heavy toolbox to run around so tired.

With regard to voltage, domestic power tools are generally 220V, while foreign ones are 120V. Before determining the start, a transformer of about 500W must be fitted.
In general, power tools can be divided into three categories:
The first type is a general electric tool, which not only relies on basic insulation but also includes an additional safety precaution in preventing electric shock protection. This is achieved by connecting accessible conductive parts with protective wires installed in a fixed line so that accessible conductive parts do not become charged in the event of damage to the basic insulation. For tools with non-reportable power plugs, the grounding terminals in the tool must be connected to the core wire in the soft cable or soft wire for protective grounding.
The second is a power tool with a double insulation structure. In addition to the basic insulation, there is an independent additional insulation. When the basic insulation is damaged, the operator is separated from the charged body by additional insulation without electric shock.
The third kind is the safety voltage electric tool. Its electric shock protection adopts reliable basic insulation, the power supply is insulated to the ground, and the so-called "triple protection" with an ultra-low voltage below 50V is selected, so that the tool has higher safety performance.
Before using the power tool, it is necessary to check whether the shell and handle are free from cracks and damage, whether the grounding protection line or the connection zero protection line is correctly connected, whether the plug, cable or soft wire is intact, whether the switch is normal, and whether the rotation part is flexible. Whether the electrical and mechanical protective devices are in good condition.

After so much talk, the editor recommends the following home not to be missed commonly used power tools, so that you want to let you buy more real.